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Gorgeous Faces 


Image, Makeup Artistry & Beauty Consultation, LLC

Imagen, Maquillaje Artístico y Consulta de belleza

Our Previous Annual Charity Fashion Show Extravaganzas! Click to View

2019- The Annual Charity Fashion Show Extravaganza!

Location: The Durham Armory/ May 5th

Annual Charity Fashion Show Extravaganza 2019

An Annual Charity Fashion Show Highlighting local, emerging and celebrity designers in order to raise funds to support local cancer patient care charities with a donation from a larger portion of proc...

2016-The Labor Day Charity Fashion Show Extravaganza Location: The Durham Arts Council

2nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Fashion Show Extravaganza!

2nd Annual Labor Day Weekend Fashion Show Extravaganza! “Fashion for a Cause”Produced by: Iris Olivera / Presented by: Gorgeous Faces-Image, Makeup Artistry & Beauty ConsultationA portion of p...